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Sonoran Cycles participates in many events throughout the year - both at the local level and national level.  From training days to race days, we have the ride support you need.  If you see us at an event, come get last-minute bike care, hydrate yourself, or just come to talk about your experiences - we are a no-drama shop...we don't care where you buy gear or what jersey you are wearing...all we care about are spokes and jokes.

Giving Back

We are all fortunate to have several organizations that care for and protect our lives and the community we live in. We proudly do our best, in any way possible, to give back to members of these organizations that use cycling as an outlet.  From SEAL teams to SWAT teams, and all the clubs in between, we have special programs just for you.  Fire, Law Enforcement, and DOD - we cannot possibly THANK YOU enough, but we will sure do our best to try every day.


Sonoran Cycles joins with several local and national organizations and their charitable campaigns every year.  It brings us great pride and true joy to have the means to support the wide variety of needs of these campaigns.  The groups use the sport of cycling to play a fundamental role in bringing awareness to several challenges facing people across the country.  Please remember that your dollars spent with us truly go a long way for the community.


If you are looking for a map, you are obviously seeking information. Anybody can find and download a map from the internet...we believe you should get more than just that. Call us, email us, or come see us in person - we will make sure you get useful knowledge from those that ride the areas...what route uses the most bike lanes, what obstacles to look out for on the trail, what expectations to have...and yes, we will then give you a good map for the ride.

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