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What are other cyclists saying about the gear you are considering to purchase?  How does it ride? How does it fit?  How does it compare to others?


Here is a compilation of the reviews and other pertinent info we could find on the interweb, all in one place...happy browsing. 


Once you are finished filling your head with information, call us - one of our knowledgeable riders will answer all the questions that have now come up.


Pivot Cycles, headquartered locally (for us) in Tempe, has been mastering builds around the proven DW-Link for several years.  Many awards have been given to several models for their outstanding ride quality and performance in various styles of riding. 


Intense Cycles' bold designs and graphics turn heads...their VPP driven bikes turn riders into loyalists.  The bikes have a long hstory and the riders have a culture within the MTB Community.  High-quality Intense aluminum models are handmade in Temecula, CA.


Devinci does it all in-house at their factory in Canada.  R&D, welding fabrication, paint and assembly...the carbon and aluminum raw materials start at one end of the factory and your bike rolls out the other end. With a DW-Link suspension, these bikes are a top choice for many riders...did we mention the lifetime warranty?


Giant bicycles and their womens-specific line, LIV Bikes, are a true giant in cycling.  They offer a large variety of bikes at every price point.  Many models from Giant win awards in several categories year after year - very comfortable road bike geometry and the Meistro suspension design will keep you smiling ride after ride.  

Santa Cruz

Yeti Cycles...

Santa Cruz Bicycles...


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More Coming Soon...

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